Important or not pet insurance?

If you have a pet at home you must have their own reasons.With so many people who have pets at home is for hobbyists or are they really an pet lover.If you have a pet, you'll love these pet and do not want anything happening to them.Then what you do to overcome this problem? Now there special insurance for pets.According to your important "pets are included in an insurance"?
For example: "you every morning or evening walk out the door by getting your pet, and once when walking your pet suddenly hit by a car or other accident, what should you do? Do you throw it Just because the condition of sick or trying to bring medicine to treat animals.If you are a relatively busy with work and just have a little time, what time you come to the vet?This is where the importance of "Pet insurance" that.Provide solutions to your pet in a critical condition
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Insurance Policy

In insurance, the insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the insured known as the policyholder.Policyholders is that determining which insurance claims that are legally required to pay.Insurance contract designed to meet the specific needs and therefore has many features not found in many other types of contracts, so the insurance contract has a different working system
Insurance policies generally integrated contract, meaning that includes all forms related to the agreement between the insured and the insurance.One of the insurance book states that "the court considers all negotiations or previous agreements".Insurance contract adhesion contract is generally regarded as attractive over the contract of insurance companies and insured little or no ability to make changes that matter.Insurance contracts governed by the best principles of faith (fides uberrima) which requires both parties to handle contacts the insurance in good faith and in particular it was planted on the insured obligation to disclose all material facts relating to the risk of being closed.In the United States, the insured can sue an insurance company with service charges and bad actions
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Basic thinking about insurance

No one would buy insurance to pay on a regular basis.if there is a choice about "whether the use of insurance or not",sure everyone will vote"no".Why?Because it costs for each year of insurance large enough.But decided to not use insurance services is the wrong thing and risk.
insurance is a way that was formed by a particular group imtik help each other in extreme situations.When you decide to use insurance services, the things you must take is :
1.whether the goods you have need to be insured?
2.The worst thing that can happen to you

When buying insurance you must get agreement from the other foot, but keep in mind not only looking for a cheap price of just insurance,but see if your insurance company can pay for claims that we give.Insurance should be owned by every person is a health insurance.Because it comes with our bodies, so health insurance is absolutely owned by any person.There was also general insurance,insurance home if you have a home, car insurance if you have a car
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